Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks: Broadway

Below is feedback directly from the audience, collected by fellow Hamillites who were at the Belasco to see Mark.

At Intermissions: Thoughts of the Audience

--- I don't know what the critics were talking about -- this is delightful! It's like the way they all hated "Wicked", and that was delightful, too.

--- I had no idea Mark Hamill could be so funny!

--- He is the show. He's a treasure.

--- The way he's playing the part is just -- he's amazing.

--- I wish someone would write to those critics and tell them they're wrong. It was very enjoyable.

--- We never listen to the critics. We came because our friends told us Mark Hamill is really funny.

--- It was wonderful. And he performed his part so well.

--- He's doing a wonderful job!

--- It's not easy for just two people to carry the whole show and keep people's attention, but I was never bored for a second.

It was a little depressing at the end, but I've never known any play to make me laugh so much.

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