In Season 2 of this historical fiction drama TV series, Mark plays Initiate Master Talus, a Templar who has survived many years of captivity in the Holy Land and has now been given the task of training the next generation of Templar Knights.

Shot in Prague, Czech Republic throughout 2018, the season had its US premiere on March 25, 2019, on History Channel. In Germany, Season 1 is available on MagentaTV, with no Season 2 release date announced as of yet. Follow @KnightfallShow on Twitter to keep up to date.

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God's Executioners

Season 2, Episode 1 | March 25 | 2019

After the events in Season 1, Landry du Lauzon seeks to be allowed back into the Order. His former brothers are divided on the issue, with Initiate Master Talus being among his staunchest critics. Stern, unforgiving, and demanding in his lessons, he has every intention to discourage Landry from seeing his repentance through.

Sent on a raid behind enemy lines, Landry has his first chance to prove himself in Talus' eyes. But will he?

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The Devil Inside

Season 2, Episode 2 | April 1 | 2019

During the unsparing training lessons under Initiate Master Talus, Landry manages to prove his experience, devotion and dedication to his brothers, up to the point of self-sacrifice when one of them is discovered to have strayed from the rules of the Order.

Yet on a task that leads him and a group of Initiates out of the Temple, disaster strikes, boding trouble for Landry as well as for the Brotherhood.

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