Room 222

I've Got the Hammer, If You've Got the Thumb

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Released: September 14, 1973
Episode: Season 5, Episode 1
Rated: Unknown
Director: Charles Rondeau
Mark's Role: Matt Evans
Also starring: Lloyd Haynes, Michael Constantine, Philip Carey

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Matt Evans has grown up in the mountains, living a simple and solitary life with his father. By the law, the teenager must now attend school until he is 18.

This is a challenge for him on many levels, but he is quick to make friends and passionate about learning, with a special interest in architecture. When the class learns of a derelict park in the vicinity and discusses ways to fix it up, Matt suggests they do it themselves rather than wait for somebody else to do it.

While his hands-on, can-do attitude has many advantages and impresses both his teachers and his classmates, Matt soon has some hard lessons to learn about responsibility, friendship and being part of a community.