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Luke has found his way Home

Luke Skywalker has landed - in Stockholm. The city from which actor Mark Hamill's great-grandfather left for Minnesota in America.

We met Mark Hamill at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. He recently shot the first scenes in the film project Hamilton with, among others, Peter Stormare and Lena Olin. And he enjoys being in Sweden, for a number of reasons.

"Before I left for Stockholm, I called my Mum. 'You've told me we're Swedish, exactly how Swedish am I?' I asked her. 'You're one quarter Swedish,' she replied. Her grandparents were born in Stockholm and moved to Minnesota in the USA," Hamill told us enthusiastically.

"The other day I spoke to Peter Stormare, who shot Fargo in the Swedish districts of Minnesota and he told me that the Swedish way still characterizes some communities there. 'Why Minnesota, of all places, it's so cold', I wondered. But I guess the answer is that you have the same climate here. Cold winters and so forth."

What do you think about the return of STAR WARS?

The quality of the movies is really fabulous. But the fanaticism which surrounds them almost scares me. It's only entertainment.

Your character, Luke Skywalker. Is he a blessing or a curse for you?

Everything is relative. What is hard for me to accept is that he somehow has his own life, which I can't control. But it's nothing I ponder on a daily basis. It was a fun part, nothing more.

Have you seen any strange reactions to the movies?

One odd thing is that people have criticized the movies for not being totally realistic. Hello!? We have this huge dog flying a spaceship, for goodness' sake....

There have been no more major movies with Mark Hamill after STAR WARS. What happened?

I did what I wanted to do - went on stage. I went on Broadway and acted. I kind of made my career the wrong way, starting out with a major Hollywood movie, and then went to Broadway.

You turned your back on the Hollywood empire.

Yes. Besides, the big Hollywood stars only get to play the same part over and over again. I, on the other hand, got the chance to play Mozart, the Elephant Man.... Different characters. Challenges.

Is the part as Hawkins, the bad guy in Hamilton, that kind of challenge?

Yes, it certainly is. In Hamilton, I get to play a true bad guy whose only loyalties are to himself. It's a challenge for me.
Aftonbladet Newspaper, May 1, 1997


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