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June 15, 2017: Busy week for Mark

Hi Hamillites!

It's been a busy week for Mark so far. He's been at the 71st Annual Tony Awards in New York on June 11 with his wife Marilou and his daughter Chelsea, where he presented the In Memoriam segment, honoring among others Carrie Fisher.

On June 12 he, Marilou and Chelsea were at the Anne Frank Center Honors Gala of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, which was held at the 4 World Trade Center.

On June 14 he and Marilou were at the Los Angeles Film Festival, attending the opening night premiere of The Book of Henry at ArcLight Cinemas in Culver City.

There are plenty of awesome photos of all three events over at Getty Images, FilmMagic, Rex, and WireImage. Here some more goodies:

Video (Variety): Mark on the Red Carpet at the Tony Awards talking about Adam West
Video (E! Live): Mark on the Red Carpet at the Tony Awards talking about Carrie
Video (Entertainment Tonight): Clip of Mark's "In Memoriam" Tribute at the Tony Awards
Video (Maximo TV): Mark and Marilou at the LA Film Festival

Before I go: The entire section of the Broadway run of Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks is back online now! Mark played Michael Minetti in this 2003 play. I will try to get the Miami run section online asap, too.

Talk to you soon, Hamillites!

June 11, 2017: Getting into the Hamster wheel

You have guessed it. A weekly update remains illusory. But I still have been continuously working on the site. After finally having figured out some technical issues, things should go faster now. Important note, though: All contact forms are broken at present as the provider apparently doesn't exist anymore. Will fix that page by page as I progress. If you need to get in touch with me, e-mail me.

Now, for the actually interesting stuff. Mark visited the musical Groundhog Day in New York on June 7. There are some great shots here. Also check out his Twitter to see what else he's been up to in NY so far.

He's there for the 71st Annual Tony Awards as one of the celebrity presenters. If you can, watch on CBS and record it. Last year's Tony Awards are available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, so here's hoping the 2017 ones will be too, eventually!

That's it for this week. I'll keep brushing up the site, trying to find a concept that works for me and for what I want to do with it. If you like, follow me on Twitter at @mhisjustthebest.

See you soon, Hamillites!

April 16, 2017: Look who's back!

Gosh, is it really 2017 already? I don't know whether anybody is even still coming here to check whether Chaos Queen Sienn has finally gotten her act together to return to this place.

Needless to say, I was never gone from Mark fandom. If anything, my addiction has grown steadily more intense. I have been following everything he did, have been rooting and enjoying; I just didn't have the time to get back to Just The Best. This will change starting today.

That said, as a full-time freelance translator, I unfortunately no longer have the many hours available that I had during school and university to devote to Mark. So I can't tell you how long it will take to get this website back into shape. I can only tell you that I will work on it steadily. One thing in my favor is that for the most recent Mark news, all you have to do is follow him on Twitter (see Mark Link Roll in the box to your right). That gives me a bit of breathing space. ;)

Naturally, I am farther behind than Tatooine is away from the bright center of the galaxy. But I'll just consider this my happy hamster wheel. Yes, I know these days we're Hamsters; told you I have been around all the time to quietly worship the Master Hamster. ;)

Today is really just a shout out to let you know I'm back and I intend to stay. Should I not find time to brush up the many sections, I will at the very least be here for your regular Mark fix with news and links as I find them.

Of course currently, Mark is in Orlando, Florida, for STAR WARS Celebration. My picture hunt has only just begun, and I'm sure the internet is full of shots, but for a quick first fix go to Getty Images. Careful, though, ladies: he is smoking hot, so make sure you have a soft landing in case you drop off your chair.

Once you have recovered from the pictures, indulge in his panels. Get tissues for his Carrie Fisher tribute. It was wonderful, thoughtful, heartfelt, brilliant... so fitting for the amazing woman she was and I can only send virtual hugs to him, and thanks for sharing such private pain and memories with us fans. <3

40 Years of STAR WARS Panel
Mark Hamill's Carrie Fisher Tribute
The Last Jedi Panel

I am very happy to be back and can't wait to share in my Mark fandom with you. It's a Hamster world! <3

September 25, 2013: Happy Birthday, Mark!

Spend a wonderful day with your loved ones! All the best and lots of love from Germany!

September 22, 2013: Getting Back into a Rhythm

Hi there!

Once more, I've been absent for much longer than I had planned. And once more, I have every intention to find back that lovely Sunday-Mark-fix rhythm of past times. I'm taking little baby steps and working on putting JTB back into shape.

The Movies section is half-way there. All individual movie pages of the previous JTB version are back online and will be perfected and added to within the next few weeks. I'll try my best to get you individual sections for Sushi Girl and Airborne asap.

Also, I'm in the process of collecting goodies from Celebration Europe, which I will hopefully have for you soon. After all, it's Mark's birthday on Wednesday. ;)

Until then, everyone!

July 1, 2013: Mark at the PromaxBDA Awards!

Hi, everyone!

I apologize for the delay, but the weekend has been busy. If someone has a magic trick to add, say, five or six hours to a day, let me know. That said, I come bearing goodies. YouTube videos, to be exact, of Mark at the PromaxBDA awards on June 20. Here's the complete laudatio and Mark's speech.

And here's two shorter clips from closer up, of some parts of his speech: Clip 1 and Clip 2.

Google also tells me that Mark was at George Lucas' wedding reception on Saturday, June 29. No pics found yet.

I hope that sometime soon I will finally get around to brushing up some more sections of JTB. On the other hand, if I find new videos every weekend, I can live with unfinished layout pretty well. :)

See you next week!

June 23, 2013: Sushi Girl and a tiny update!

Hello, Hamill fans!

I've been pretty busy at work these last few weeks, which is why I haven't had any time for major work on JTB. I wanted to share some news with you, though.

As you might already know, on June 20, Mark was honored at the PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards. Check out WireImage and Getty Images for photos!

Also, there are thrilling news for all European Hamill fans - Mark will be at Celebration Europe in Germany!! Whohoo! All info is at the official site at www.starwarscelebration.eu.

Enjoy and until next time, Hamnillites!

June 9, 2013: Sushi Girl and a tiny update!

Greetings, Hamillites!

I had a busy weekend, so today's update is tiny - to be ready when Mark will be honored at the PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards on June 20, I have re-uploaded the Awards section for you.

And I finally had the opportunity to see Sushi Girl yesterday. What can I say? Watch it! It's not normally the kind of movie I'd go for, but that said, I liked it quite. You don't see the end coming, and the acting compensated for the bloody, shiver-inducing parts.

Needless to say, Mark was stellar. From what I read before of his Crow, I had not really expected that kind of character. The violence part, yes. The rest,... not at all. If you have seen the film, get in touch. There's nothing like a nice chat about a Mark movie. :)

June 2, 2013: Finally Back for Good!

I know I've said it before, but this time, it's true. After an involuntary three-year hiatus, Just The Best is finally back for good, with an all-new layout! Do you like it? I hope so! If you have any feedback, send it along!

For the time being, in many places you will still read Coming soon.... Since I am no website pro, I am doing the conversion to the new layout by hand, and I can only work on it during the weekend, so it will still take a while. But it will grow bit by bit every Sunday.

And what a perfect time to come back, since there seem to be exciting Mark news every other day! Did you catch him on Criminal Minds, for example? Have you already seen Sushi Girl? Not to speak of the voices he's done. I have so much to catch up with and I'm looking forward to it big time. And of course there's another highlight that we didn't have three years ago - Mark is on Twitter! So what are you waiting for? Follow him now!

To get back into the swing of things, why don't you check out Mark's Question & Answer session at the CapeTown Film Festival at the beginning of May? As always, I could listen to him forever.

And mark June 20 in your calendars - Mark will be presented with the Don Lafontaine Legacy Award at the PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards that day. Whohoo! :)

It's good to be back and I'm looking forward to talking to you again next Sunday. Until then, Hamillites!