Six Dance Lessons: Broadway

At Intermissions: Thoughts of the Audience

I don't know what the critics were talking about -- this is delightful! It's like the way they all hated "Wicked", and that was delightful, too.

I had no idea Mark Hamill could be so funny!

He is the show. He's a treasure.

The way he's playing the part is just -- he's amazing.

I wish someone would write to those critics and tell them they're wrong. It was very enjoyable.

We never listen to the critics. We came because our friends told us Mark Hamill is really funny.

It was wonderful. And he performed his part so well.

He's doing a wonderful job!

It's not easy for just two people to carry the whole show and keep people's attention, but I was never bored for a second.

It was a little depressing at the end, but I've never known any play to make me laugh so much.