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You had no idea Mark is also a writer? You've been missing out! Mark has created his own comic book series, has contributed to other comics, written for a TV series... and that's just what I know of! There might be more that has slipped by me. So if you know of anything that isn't here, or have more information than I display, please contact me via the sidebar form.

The Black Pearl

Mark'S BP

The Black Pearl is Mark's original tale about what might happen if somebody decided to be a superhero in real life. It is a five-issue series and was later released as a collector's edition. Find a summary, cover art, and more here.

Treehouse of Horror

Mark's Treehouse of Horror

Mark contributed to Issue #7 of the annual comic series Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror with his story Catastrophe in Substitute Springfields. Find details, a summary, and cover art here.

V.I.P. - The Bodyguards

Mark's Valley Wonka

Mark wrote the episode Valley Wonka for this TV show. Valley Wonka was Episode 22 of Season 4 and aired May 18, 2002. In the same season, Mark had already acted in the episode The U.N.C.L.E. from Val. Have you seen this episode? Please contact me!

Animation on DVD

Mark's Forewording

Mark wrote the foreword to this comprehensive guide to animation available on DVD by Andy Mangels. The book was released March 1, 2003 and is available at