Une image de trop

Alternate Title: Picture Perfect
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Released: April 21, 1993
Rated: R (USA), 16 (GER)
Director: Jean-Claude Missiaen
Mark's Role: Josh Payton
Also starring: Catherine Wilkening, Jean-Pierre Malo, Michael Goldman

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Josh Payton

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Josh Payton is a passionate photographer spending a year in Paris, enjoying the spectacular architecture and landscapes. During one of his expeditions he meets model Francesca. There is immediate chemistry between them, but the young woman is shot before his eyes! Acting on instinct, Josh takes pictures of the assassins' car. Unbeknownst to him, this is only the beginning of an odyssey, as he has landed himself in the middle of a net of schemes and intrigues.

Not only is Francesca alive, she reveals to him that she is actually a secret agent and that the men that tried to kill her are extraordinarily annoyed that he took pictures of them. A wild chase throughout France begins, and there are many riddles that Josh needs to solve.

Who is the real enemy? Is Francesca really whom she claims to be and are her feelings true or is she playing him for a fool?